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Life In The Fast Lane

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

I stood there in a wave of panic, it seemed hotter than usual. The air was thick and could not seem to get enough air in. I looked briefly at my hands, and they seemed miles away from my body…swollen…shaky. The sweat dripped down my face and a burning sensation filled my eyes to match the sensation in my legs. I had run this route a hundred times but today was different. My body was rejecting me, with every step forward every inch of my body ached. I knew something was wrong, but I had to finish. I had come too far and trained too hard to quit now. I crossed the finish line 30 minutes past my goal time, devastated. I had to take a long hard look at how I was training and what could have gone so wrong after what seemed like a perfect training season.

I had long been an advocate for healthy eating and staying physically active, but I also preached the need to live life to its fullest. Carpe Diem…Seize the day! At that time, living life to the fullest meant food. I mean, I LOVED food. I still do but I have learned after that very long race in June that what we put into our bodies matters just as much as how we train. I had been training for that event for months without much change to my diet. My love of food led me to many indulgences including many trips through the drive thru windows of fast-food restaurants and of course CAKE! I told myself that I was training hard enough that a few extra calories would not hurt. I was very wrong and my performance that day proved my whole outlook on training and nutrition wrong.

First, I was way too focused on the NUMBER of calories I was taking in rather than the QUALITY of calories that I was consuming. The scale said I was maintaining my weight but internally my stomach, arteries and heart were screaming for help. I was able to achieve a calorie deficit every week, but I was not fueling my body with the RIGHT protein, Right carbohydrates or the Right fats and it showed. I was exhausted, I developed acne, mood swings and sugar highs and lows. I decided that I needed a change, and I began to research health and nutrition. This was the beginning of the holistic, wellness movement and there was a wealth of information out there about how to heal your mind and body with food.

After a few months I noticed my skin began to clear up and I had more energy than before. My training became easier and enjoyable again. That runners high that I was looking for washed over me and I felt the calm of my pace cadence with minimal effort. I was able to make small sustainable changes to my diet without giving up my love of food. Fast food does not have to be completely eliminated. Small changes yield the best results. Instead of list are a great start. If you have specific cravings make a list of healthy alternatives that you would enjoy giving those bubbles of soda, that crunch of a chip and the sweet flavor of a candy bar with more nutritional value than those empty calories give you.

When you are at a restaurant take a look at the healthy alternatives and fit menus. Ask for a to-go box at the beginning of the meal and pack up half for dinner or lunch the next day. Many restaurants offer double the portion needed to actually satisfy you. Enjoy conversation and small sips of water during your meal. Taking longer to eat gives your brain the twenty minutes that it needs to realize that it is full. Eating quickly actually leaves you less satisfied. I learned to reduce my intake of unhealthy fats and simple sugars to improve my overall health and my training. I can honestly say that these small changes have led me to a healthier and happier life, that is sustainable, because I was able to reshape my taste to crave the foods that my body actually needs to focus and perform better.

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These steps are great starting points for forming healthy eating habits. If you would like to learn more about transforming your life and sustaining a happier and healthier life through lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition, join me for a Healthy Lifestyle course online! Enjoy more energy, more focus and love the skin that you are in!

Ease into Healthy Living with these soda alternatives:

-Rai Moorhead