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How Brain Power and Focus Make You Happier and Luckier

It is common in self-help literature to hear that being more confident, believing in yourself, and regularly thinking positive thoughts can all help you to feel happier and to even influence your life in a positive way.

But here’s another factor you might not have considered: brain power. Did you know that mental focus, creativity, sharpness, and more can help to make you happier and even luckier? That takes happy thoughts to a whole new level.

Those who are more positive and happier tend to notice opportunities more. Why are these people so aware? They are more open to the possibilities that surround them because they are less stressed. But by the same token you could notice even more opportunities by being more alert and switched on. Positive thought processes switch on feels good hormones that send good vibe signals to the brain that allow you to be more focused, happier, and energized.

Likewise, effective use of Positive Psychology requires mental discipline which in turn needs energy and focus. Most people wish that they were able to tap into an abundance of energy that fuels their daily endeavors and dream pursuits. What if the food that you eat could provide you with the energy and fuel that your brain needs to tackle these daily tasks? The truth is that there are many ways that the foods that you eat can influence your mood and performance. If you're groggy and easily distracted you won't be able to exert the necessary discipline to change those negative thoughts.

So how do you boost your brain power?

A Quick Guide to Upgrading Your Brain:

One way to quickly upgrade your brain is to give it more energy. We've seen how sleep can help with this, but you can also do it through the right diet and supplementation. Omega 3 fatty acids for instance help to improve brain cell permeability which in turn aids rapid communication and thus brain power.

Brain training 'games' haven't been conclusively shown to work apart from the 'Dual N-Back' test which can increase 'working memory' and thus pattern recognition – critical for seeing and noticing those opportunities.

Most important of all though is to learn how to get into a 'flow state' which is that mental state where everything just seems effortless. In this situation your brain floods itself with the neurotransmitter's dopamine, anandamide and norepinephrine which work together to further enhance pattern recognition, reflexes, attention and creativity.

How to trigger these flow states? You convince your brain that what you are doing is hugely important. And you can achieve this by reframing negative thought processes, as well as by simply being highly passionate about what you do – by loving what you do and loving yourself. People who love what they do are happier, more focused, and much happier.

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