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How the Placebo Effect Impacts Our Luck, Confidence, and Happiness

The placebo effect is a powerful effect noted in scientific research that shows how simply believing something can often make it true… biologically. Give someone a sugar pill and tell them it will make them smarter, and they might become smarter.

The placebo effect is the ability of our beliefs regarding our own bodies and our own health to trigger changes in our biology – specifically in our neurochemistry and hormone balance. If you tell someone they're ill, then they become stressed and they produce more stress hormones like cortisol. In turn, this strains the immune system and they become more ill. This is technically called a 'nocebo' – which is the 'negative' version of a placebo (normally placebo is used to describe things getting better).

Just as you can make yourself unhealthier, you can also make yourself better by believing you will get better. Of course, you might not be able to overcome a terminal illness, but simply by being positive you can increase your chances of a rapid recovery. Your mindset in the middle of the struggle can help determine the experience during the journey. When you are happy you will cause physiological changes in your body. Thinking positive thoughts will increase your production of positive mood hormones, decreasing stress and keeping you calmer.

The placebo effect can go a long way to making things work out better for you. You don’t need a sugar pill to “placebo yourself” into acting more confident and becoming more confident as a result.

A great example is to look at it this way: when someone speaks negatively about a person, this can often have terrible negative impacts on their behavior and mood. These negative statements may or may not be true, but that person's belief about themselves causes their brain to rewire itself to focus more on these negative thought processes. Their immune system suffers from stress, their unconscious mind starts sabotaging them and they give off negative vibes in social situations. The result is that they are more likely to get ill and tired, they become more accident prone, and people don't want to be around them. Powerful stuff!

Studies have shown that being anxious causes you to look for negative things and to miss opportunities. A tense, anxious, 'unlucky' person won't see that $50 note on the sidewalk because they're too busy being negative. Happy, positive people with self-belief do notice these things.

Believing in yourself then and believing you are lucky can have all these effects in reverse. If you believed that you had taken a pill to turn you into a superhero and you genuinely believed it, your life would likely pick up in a lot of areas. While we are not equipped to don a cape and fly through the sky, jumping buildings is a single bound there are superheroes all around us. A commitment to refocus your attention on the positive aspects of life for 30 days can have dramatic effects on your mindset, mood, and your life. If you are ready to make sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve your energy, mood and overall health, schedule your goal-setting session today and see what a difference 30 days can make.

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